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Date Posted January 05, 2014
Posted By Midwest Performing Arts

Pictured above: Thank you to Lacey Schwimmer and DJ Guthrie for a great weekend of masterclassses and choreography! December 8th through December 11th.

Lacey Schwimmer from "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance"

DJ Guthrie from LADM and "Dancing with the Stars"

Tonya Reed, Tre Holloway, Allen Cooper, Kristen Lorello, Rafael Quintas, Mandy Rogers, Jonathan Rabon, CJ Salvador, D.J.Guthrie, Lacey Schwimmer, Christina Grady, Nikki Snelson, Zach Heller, Michael Littlefield, Alex Deleo, Melissa Barnes, Tony Bellisimo, Sarah Burney, Hannah Wintrode, Keri LaGrand, Wizdom, Sammy Nelms, Ashley Tate, James Robey, Meghan Sanett, Brooke Ausin, Brandon Hudson, Shannon Lee West, PHLEX, REDD, Rosero name a few!!!!

call 636-394-0023 for more information on future master classes!

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