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About Us
M.P.A. (not-for-profit) is the home of the All-Star Competition / Performance Troupes. Musical Theater Performers and the Ballet Performing Ensemble. The Board of Directors, the various committees, and the dedicated parents all VOLUNTEER their time and talents because they support the VISION of the organization.


To provide the resources for our artists, so they may become the BEST TRAINED PERFORMERS and AWARD WINNING DANCERS - not only in our community, but in the entire state.

The objectives of M.P.A. include:

* Furthering the arts in our community.
* Nurturing and developing the Ballet Ensemble,Musical Theatre, and Competition teams.
* Expanding the dancers opportunities for performing.
* Providing Master Instructors and Choreographers for guest teaching, etc.
* Develope outreach dance programs for underprivelaged children
* Establish a scholarship program

How our fundraising gives back:

* Dance Incorporated/ MPA instructors volunteer their time leading free fitness classes every Monday and Wednesday 10am. All donations received are for the benefit off all its DANCERS and also the WOMENS' BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION and MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION

* A great opportunity to do something GOOD FOR YOURSELF and at the same time HELP OTHERS. By purchasing the Qpon card for $15 you receive GREAT DISCOUNTS at participating merchants, (which includes Dance Incorporated). A complete list is received with the card and is also available at www.qponcard.com. 50% of the purchase price pays for the card with the remainder donated to M.P.A. (not-for-profit) and Qpon donates 5% of their profits to MAKE A WISH (not-for-profit) foundation.

* By registering at www.igive.com and following simple steps, all purchases made from the extensive list of merchants results in a percentage of your order being donated to Midwest Performing Arts. ToysRus, Maceys, etc.

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